LogWeb V3 Default Emulator (AJAX based)



Defines the basic part of the VT emulation. Contains the basic lwv Object, and the communication parts of the VT. The VT emulation implementation is based on the LogWeb Java Telnet applet.

Linux Console Private CSI Sequences
       The following sequences are neither ECMA-48 nor native VT102.  They are
       native to the Linux console driver.  Colors are in SGR parameters: 0  =
       black,  1 = red, 2 = green, 3 = brown, 4 = blue, 5 = magenta, 6 = cyan,
       7 = white.

       ESC [ 1 ; n ]       Set color n as the underline color
       ESC [ 2 ; n ]       Set color n as the dim color
       ESC [ 8 ]           Make the current color pair the default attributes.
       ESC [ 9 ; n ]       Set screen blank timeout to n minutes.
       ESC [ 10 ; n ]      Set bell frequency in Hz.
       ESC [ 11 ; n ]      Set bell duration in msec.
       ESC [ 12 ; n ]      Bring specified console to the front.
       ESC [ 13 ]          Unblank the screen.
       ESC [ 14 ; n ]      Set the VESA powerdown interval in minutes.
       The program xterm (in vt100 mode) recognizes ESC c, ESC # 8, ESC >, ESC
       =,  ESC  D, ESC E, ESC H, ESC M, ESC N, ESC O, ESC P ... ESC  ESC Z (it
       answers ESC [ ? 1 ; 2 c, ‘I am a vt100 with advanced video option’) and
       ESC  ^  ... ESC  with the same meanings as indicated above.  It accepts
       ESC (, ESC ), ESC *,  ESC + followed by 0, A, B  for  the  DEC  special
       character  and  line  drawing  set,  UK, and USASCII, respectively.  It
       accepts ESC ] for the setting of certain resources:

       ESC ] 0 ; txt BEL      Set icon name and window title to txt.
       ESC ] 1 ; txt BEL      Set icon name to txt.
       ESC ] 2 ; txt BEL      Set window title to txt.
       ESC ] 4 6 ; name BEL   Change log file to name (normally disabled
                              by a compile-time option)
       ESC ] 5 0 ; fn BEL     Set font to fn.

       It recognizes the following with slightly modified meaning:

       ESC 7  DECSC   Save cursor
       ESC 8  DECRC   Restore cursor

       It also recognizes

       ESC F          Cursor to lower left corner of screen (if enabled by
                      the hpLowerleftBugCompat resource)
       ESC l          Memory lock (per HP terminals).
                      Locks memory above the cursor.
       ESC m          Memory unlock (per HP terminals).
       ESC n   LS2    Invoke the G2 character set.
       ESC o   LS3    Invoke the G3 character set.
       ESC |   LS3R   Invoke the G3 character set as GR.
                      Has no visible effect in xterm.
       ESC }   LS2R   Invoke the G2 character set as GR.
                      Has no visible effect in xterm.
       ESC ~   LS1R   Invoke the G1 character set as GR.
                      Has no visible effect in xterm.

       It does not recognize ESC % ...

   CSI Sequences
       The xterm program (as of XFree86 3.1.2G) does not recognize  the  blink
       or  invisible-mode  SGRs.  Stock  X11R6  versions  do not recognize the
       color-setting SGRs.  All other  ECMA-48  CSI  sequences  recognized  by
       Linux are also recognized by xterm, and vice-versa.

       The  xterm program will recognize all of the DEC Private Mode sequences
       listed above, but none of the Linux private-mode sequences.   For  dis-
       cussion  of xterm’s own private-mode sequences, refer to the Xterm Con-
       trol Sequences document by Edward Moy  and  Stephen  Gildea,  available
       with the X distribution.


Author: j.fellner@logics.de

Class Summary
lwv The lwv object contains the VT emulation.
lwv.bld Contains the lwv.bld object.

LogWeb V3 Default Emulator (AJAX based)

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